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By Ashley Kinsey2022-11-02

This year, vacancies are higher than ever, and we are facing the great resignation, with more and more employees quitting their roles. In-house recruitment can be time-consuming and a huge drain on capital, causing many businesses to outsource their processes. However, traditional outsourcing companies are outdated, meaning there are common flaws. At DeskFrnd, we aim to break away from the norms of outsourcing, with a revolutionary model combatting all notable blemishes. Here are the main weaknesses we combat each day.

Loss of control

When using a regular outsourcing company, there is very little you can do when it comes to accountability. Your worker is likely to be snowed under with other clients, meaning you’re unlikely to get the best output, and they may even be hard to get a hold of. Also, they will very much be under the provider’s control, giving you less freedom. DeskFrnd sources your staff and provides them with a homely location to work from. Then you have the freedom to train and support them throughout their time with you, meaning success is in your hands.

Communication barriers

If your provider is overseas, often there can be a significant language barrier, making smooth operations very difficult. Our global experts are all competent in their English communication and we are fully transparent if there are ever any areas of weakness. As the majority of our clients are English speaking, and our offices are all instilled with English culture, our specialists are improving on their clarity every day. This never fails to impress new clients when they start to build strong working relationships.

Lack of drive and enthusiasm

Typically, you will find that your “dedicated” worker lacks the drive and enthusiasm you’d expect from an in-house worker. They have no interest in your brand and are likely to scrape by doing the bare minimum until contested. Our teams are no different from in-house workers; they live and breathe everything you do and have a real love for your brand. Our Frnds are truly cared for, so, ultimately, you see better results.

No sense of community

We often see businesses that only communicate with their outsourced workers through emails and have no meaningful relationships with those outside their core team. When you bring on one of our experts, we encourage you to take them under your wing and use them in collaboration with any existing workers. Using inclusive tools such as Microsoft teams, Slack, and Trello. Our Frnds are your Frnds. We are simply the middlemen bridging the initial gap.

Time zone differences

Say you need overnight support. A UK provider is unlikely to have staff willing to take these night shifts. Alternatively, many overseas providers will struggle to fill your daytime vacancies. Due to our innovative recruitment processes and our extensive pool of candidates, we’re able to cover shifts any time you require. Whether it’s 9-5 or 24-hour cover with alternating shifts.

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