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By Ashley Kinsey2022-12-07

The importance of retention

This year, we have seen the great resignation escalating with a record-breaking number of employees leaving their roles for more appealing packages. High employee turnover is a costly issue for businesses so retaining workers should be a priority. There’s lots to be considered starting right back at the recruitment process. Your employees could be in-house, remote, third-party, or part-time, retention will always make your life easier. So you should always drive with the following points when it comes to your workforce.

Sourcing correctly

Starting at the very beginning of the cycle, it’s important to ensure you get the correct employee for your business. If you’re recruiting in-house, this means having an experienced recruiter and providing them with a comprehensive brief of what you’re looking for. If you’re outsourcing, this means finding a reliable and trustworthy provider before clearly communicating your needs.

Flexible working

Following Covid, it appears there is no going back when it comes to the working from home movement. 60% of remote workers say they are likely to change companies if they had no flexible working options. For the best level of retention, a hybrid approach is best as it eliminates the challenges of both extremes. For example, loneliness is minimised and freedom is improved drastically.

Making them feel valued

Your employees more than likely spend the majority of their time in the workplace, either digitally or in person. Therefore, their wellbeing should be your main concern. One way to massively improve their daily work life is with praise and involvement, making them feel like a part of something special. Also, listening to your employees’ thoughts and feeling regarding their roles will help create stronger relationships and better understanding from both parties.

Giving responsibility & opportunity

Trust can often keep people together, and giving your employees extra responsibility is no different. This not only creates extra confidence but shows workers can they are valued by the business and really make a difference.

Collaborative environments

Isolating employees is a common mistake businesses make, either because they believe it will increase productivity or because they have the wrong model for flexible working. In fact, 39% of employees believe their organisation do not collaborate enough.

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