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By Ashley Kinsey2023-01-23

Outsourcing your sales department can be an effective way to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and tap into the expertise of specialised sales professionals. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. This will be different for every business, as some thrive from natural inbound enquiries, and some have to push sales extensively to see any return.

Benefits of outsourcing sales

One major benefit of outsourcing your sales department is cost savings. Outsourcing provides the services you need without investing in the infrastructure and resources required to maintain an in-house sales team. Additionally, outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business operations while the sales team handles the more time-consuming aspects of the sales process.

Another advantage of outsourcing your sales department is the much larger candidate pool available than if you were to recruit yourself. Many of these professionals have the experience and knowledge needed to generate leads, close deals, and achieve sales goals. They can also provide valuable insights into the sales process and help you to identify new sales opportunities.

Disadvantages of outsourcing sales

One downside to outsourcing your sales department is that it can lead to communication and coordination challenges. When you outsource, you may find it difficult to maintain clear lines of communication and coordinate the sales process effectively. This can lead to delays and mistakes, ultimately harming your sales efforts.

Another problem people often find with outsourcing is that the team rarely care for their brand and can be seen as inattentive. This is because they essentially work for the agency and may also be poorly paid for them to maintain their margins. This labour may be more affordable than employment, but laziness could still lead to a loss if the output suffers as a result.

Can anyone outsource their sales?

Your outsourced team would need to communicate with potential customers over the phone or online, so this must be a suitable approach based on your products or services. For example, cold-calling people to buy a luxury car may not be ideal. Whereas, selling software or a digital service would be more suited, as the sale can progress from the user’s device.

Eliminating the disadvantages

An alternative which can eliminate these communication issues is co-employment. This is where an organisation employs workers on your behalf, handling the administration and infrastructure surrounding an employee. You then simply manage their daily operations while they’re located in the provider’s office. This also allows your Sales team to be better trained on your brand and its goals, whereas traditional outsourcing could lack in this area.

Another way co-employment can remove the disadvantages of outsourcing is by offering committed and caring workers who aim to bring better outcomes to your brand. As they act as your employees, there is much more care than if you were to use an outsourcing organisation. Increasing the quality of sales can be vital to ensuring you’re making a comfortable return on your labour investment.

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