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By Ashley Kinsey2022-06-30  

Case Study | Shropshire Food Delivery Company




Running a successful delivery business means having a slick, efficient, reliable back-office team managing operations – but what happens when this isn’t the case?

For one Shropshire-based delivery provider, this unfortunately was the reality. That was until they found DeskFrnd.




Having previously recruited employees in a more ‘traditional’ way, and worked with an expensive call centre to assist with their administrative needs, our client was frustrated at the employment obstacles they were facing. It was extremely difficult to recruit – thanks to the anti-social hours, and the minimal availability of candidates in their local area. Plus, they were frequently let down, with no-shows being a regular occurrence, and sickness days being fully taken advantage of.

Without a team of motivated and loyal staff members in-house, the logistics of the delivery system began to fail. Their role is crucial – monitoring the remote delivery workers on the road, watching orders coming in, ensuring they’re being fulfilled, and dealing with any queries. Without this need fulfilled, the service offering was reduced, having a detrimental knock-on effect to customers and the reputation of the business.




In December 2021, DeskFrnd introduced them to a team of 3 individuals – two of which work throughout the week, and a third who assists with the busier shifts of Friday and Saturday evenings. Providing crucial administrative support, they’re responsible for ensuring a seamless service throughout the business, as well as being the first point of contact for customers to deal with all questions and queries. As eloquent English communicators, who work to suit the UK hours required, it’s unnoticeable that they’re in fact located almost 4000 miles away in Asia.

Frequent contact is made between the company and their DeskFrnd team – with regular meetings and reviews. This gives both parties the opportunity to raise any concerns, ask questions and iron out any teething issues.

No longer is the client being let down by no-shows, or unreliable candidates. Instead, they’ve created a team of loyal, motivated and dedicated employees, who have removed constant headaches and worries.

Following the initial connections, DeskFrnd assisted with the seamless integration into the business and the personalised employee training to ensure they completely embodied the client’s company culture.

In a world of remote and home working, it’s no different that they’re located across the world, than if they were on the other side of town. Plus, it saves money – with business and office costs redundant, and a labour saving with wages around half of the UK minimum wage. 

The partnership with DeskFrnd has enabled the director (and his team) to focus their attentions on other areas of the company, such as generating new business, with the knowledge that the day-to-day operations are now running smoothly, and no longer a major cause for concern.




“Before DeskFrnd, we were often let down by staff members, which had a detrimental effect on the business – and was a huge risk to its longevity. I was incredibly stressed and couldn’t seem to get the right fit in terms of the team. That’s until I found DeskFrnd.

Just over a year ago we embraced their innovative ways of co-employment, and will never look back. DeskFrnd are a great team to work with – nothing is too much, and they’ve completely transformed the structure of the company. It’s been a turbulent year for me, and so I’ve perhaps not been the easiest client for them, but they’ve been extremely flexible and accommodating, evolving and adapting to my ever-changing needs.

Now, I have complete and utter faith in my fantastic team, and am incredibly grateful for the value they’re bringing to our company.” – Company Director