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By Ashley Kinsey2022-12-02

If you’re snowed under in your business, you may have considered the option of employing a virtual assistant. But do you really know the ins and outs of getting the support you need? Today we’re discussing the reality of employing your very own virtual assistant. Your use of technology will determine whether this is suitable for you. Given the term “virtual”, tasks will need to be carried out digitally rather than physically. These responsibilities commonly consist of the following:

Responding the emails & calls

Data entry and maintenance

Issuing invoices to clients

Scheduling meetings

Arranging accommodation & travel

Acting as the first point of contact

Common misconceptions

You need a Full-time Virtual Assistant

It’s a common belief that your only option is to exhaust your entire budget on a full-time assistant, and you may not have enough work to fulfil the role. This is often not the case, and these employees will work part-time for several companies to increase their flexibility and spread-out risks towards their job security.

Virtual assistants are incompetent

The traditional offshoring stereotypes have hindered people’s perception of such roles; when there are modern solutions to the dreaded call centre environments with your typical scripted responses. DeskFrnd have the most knowledgeable and professional specialists, all instilled with UK culture. Doing your due diligence plays a huge role in the quality you receive in the long run.

The benefits of a virtual assistant

Freeing up time

Your growth targets can feel unattainable without extra heads to free up your time. This is where a virtual assistant can come in handy. Time is one resource that is often scarce, and offloading some of your tasks to an assistant is the perfect way to make a change.

Reduce operating costs

Time is extremely valuable as a business owner, so handing time-consuming tasks to an assistant will reduce your operating costs. Your time is often better spent on tasks that directly impact sales revenue. Tasks with no return, such as Admin or research, are best to be completed by an assigned employee to minimise wasted resources.

Stronger customer experience

Whether your virtual assistant acts as the first point of contact or not, customers will likely receive better quality as you’re going to have more time available. This opens the opportunity to create greater connections and more tailored experiences. Your customer experience has the most potential if your assistant takes on communication in their role.

How DeskFrnd can help

At DeskFrnd, we take pride in our teams as we break away from the outsourcing stigma. We act as an extension of your team for any process done behind a desk, including virtual assistants. No matter the sector, we’re here for you, sourcing only the best to support you and your business. Want to find out more about optimising your workforce? Book a Frndly chat with a member of our team.