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By Ashley Kinsey2022-12-08

As this year is swiftly coming to an end, we’re looking back on what we’ve learned and preparing to take on 2023. With extreme changes such as Covid lifting, the cost of living crisis and employment levels rising, we have lots to go through as we prepare for next year. No matter what sector you’re in, these considerations will prove to be relevant as we move into the future.

Remote working

Remote working has been huge for businesses all over the UK since Covid forced employees to begin working from home. Until recently, this was favoured by people and organisations, though this may be changing. It’s apparent that a hybrid approach to working is most favoured, creating changes in scenery, more collaboration and freedom of location. Here at DeskFrnd, we offer globally remote teams to reduce your costs, but they are locally together in a DeskFrnd office for increased control. Complete remote working can create data protection risks and a lack of accountability, so we offer a middle-ground solution.

Employment levels rising

The level of employment in the UK is rising, and we can all agree this is positive news; however, vacancies are higher than ever and remain unfilled. This is due to many factors, such as jobs not having enough flexible working options, insufficient labour skills and employers not being able to meet pay expectations through the cost of living crisis. You can challenge this issue with more appealing benefits, hiring overseas or taking talent from your existing team and filling alternative gaps.

The great resignation

This year, we have seen the great resignation, where a significant number of employees are leaving their roles. So companies now need to find ways to retain their workforce and keep their recruitment costs low. This calls for more flexible working options and wellbeing incentives such as team activities. There are no signs of resignation reducing as we go into next year. Want to reduce your employee turnover, read our blog on increasing retention.

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability continues to be a dominant consideration across the board. Software development was projected to increase by 70% by 2023, and there is no sign of this tapering off. This is partially due to businesses wanting to become more sustainable by going digital and minimising travel and pollution. Hybrid working can also contribute to the sustainability movement as it limits daily emissions. At DeskFrnd, we take a digital approach to businesses to offer a global service without the need for constant commuting.

Cost of living

Continuing from the cost of living crisis, both businesses and employees are going to be struggling with their utility bills. Therefore employees are demanding increased pay and employers may have to resort to complete remote working, saving capital on rent and energy. Although this meets the wants of flexibility options, there are many negatives to being solely remote. There’s a lack of accountability, collaboration, and support. Ultimately, taking a toll on your everyday results.

How we’re helping in 2023

We’re here to help businesses do things better, faster, and cheaper. Providing global expert teams for a fraction of the price you’d pay in the UK. But don’t worry, you maintain complete control and we only offer the best talent. We’re the ultimate extension of your team, offering up to a 60% cost-return. Not only do we support our clients, but we truly care for our people, your people. We’re working hard to reduce poverty and have a meaningful impact on less fortunate countries.

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