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By Ashley Kinsey2022-11-02

Depending on the nature of your business, technical services could be essential to smooth operations, but in today’s environment, employing technical specialists is easier said than done. Vacancies are higher than ever, and labour costs are constantly hiking, especially in high-skilled technology roles. So, outsourcing seems like the obvious option, though is this the most effective measure? Today, we’re going to be bringing this to light.

Examples of technical responsibilities

Technical services is a broad term, covering all sorts of roles you may look to outsource, giving your business a better touch on technology. To give you an idea of how outsourcing can, here are some of the main technical functions.

Web development

Project management

Software development

Programming and coding

Recruiting in-house

Finding the perfect in-house team can feel impossible, with the expensive recruitment costs, minimal prospective candidates, and the time spent on applicants that turn out unfit for the role. Though when strong employees are found, these negatives can very much be outweighed. Despite this, technical roles require no physical interaction, meaning there is little need for an in-house team. Using one of the methods below could help reduce your labour overheads, as well as utility costs.

In addition to this, businesses are facing rocketing absenteeism and are struggling to retain their employees. This poses the risk of investing funds in recruitment, for employees to leave before making any kind of return – Especially if they’re tasked with large tasks such as designing an entire website.



– Full control over staff

– Easy to build community


– Most costly method

– Risk of unsuccessful candidates

Traditional outsourcing

Outsourcing to fill your technical vacancies can be more effective than recruiting in-house due to the reduced costs, and less time commitment, meaning you’re focus can be spent elsewhere. Also, there are no utility costs associated with these employees as they are remote. However, your average outsourcing company provide poor-quality workers who have no interest in your brand, minimising results. It’s best to research various companies to find those breaking away from the norm and offering innovative solutions.



– Cost-effective

– Easy to implement


– Minimal control

– Poor quality

DeskFrnd’s revolutionary model

DeskFrnd are changing the future of outsourcing. Traditional outsourcing is outdated, hence the stereotypes it typically carries. Our global experts deliver results you can trust, at a price you cannot deny. Our Development Frnd model ensures you’re paired with the optimal team to meet your requirements and you only pay for what you need, there are no hidden costs. For any project, big or small, we have a team of specialists from our global candidate pool, ready to take your business to new heights.

If you’d like this kind of talent working within your business day-to-day, you may be interested in our Co-employment model.



– Cost-effective

– Optimum control

– Employees engrained in your community

– Seamlessly scalable


-No physical interaction

-You can’t get enough of us 😉

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