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By Ashley Kinsey 2024-01-12  

Case Study | Asset Management Company




Operating a successful asset management company demands an efficient approach to document management and exceptional organisational skills. However, when faced with challenges in maintaining a well-organised documentation system, one asset management company sought out DeskFrnd for a transformative solution.





The asset management company faced a significant challenge in managing their extensive documentation efficiently. As their portfolio grew, so did the volume of documents, reports, and records they needed to handle. The manual document management process led to delays in accessing crucial information, version control issues, and the risk of compliance violations due to outdated documents.  

The in-house team were stretched too thin and struggled to keep to tight deadlines without the detriment of certain aspects of the business and without eventually facing burnout. After facing these issues for some time, they knew solution was needed to improve the efficiency and overall operations of the business.





To address these challenges, the asset management company partnered with DeskFrnd. DeskFrnd assigned a skilled Document Controller who specialised in managing documentation systems for financial and asset management firms.


The Document Controller, as an extension of the company's team, streamlined the document management process. They implemented a robust document management system that included version control, categorisation, and efficient search capabilities. This system ensured that the company's documents were up-to-date, easily accessible, and compliant with industry regulations.


Regular communication between the asset management company and the DeskFrnd Document Controller ensured that all documents were organised effectively and readily available when needed. DeskFrnd's expertise and dedication to maintaining an organised documentation system alleviated the company's concerns about compliance and accessibility.





“Previously, part of my role involved many time-consuming administrative tasks, such as logging invoices, debt collecting, raising work orders, setting up contractors on the system, etc. Due to the nature of these activities, they often had to take priority but at the detriment of other aspects of business development and growth. 


We decided to seek some additional support, and after doing much research came across DeskFrnd. From the get-go, we loved the concept and wanted to get involved. Almost five months later, we wish we’d have found them sooner!


Our DeskFrnd is a true asset to the team, providing a very high standard of administrative support. We communicate regularly, he’s always on-hand and available, is entirely integrated into our working culture, and provides essential support to the entire team. Not only has he brought his expertise to the company, but it has also allowed me the freedom to focus on other areas of the business – and means I can finish on time most days, too!” – Head of Support Services