Here we have compiled answers to the most common queries you may have regarding the employment process at DeskFrnd. Our commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment is reflected in the way we approach hiring and supporting our employees. Whether you're curious about our company culture, application process, benefits, or growth opportunities, you'll find the information you need right here.

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  • They are all paid at least 30% above the in-country average 
  • We provide comfortable and secure work environments 
  • Collaborative spaces offer great learning opportunities

  •  We’re currently in various areas such as Southeast Asia, South America & Europe.
  • Everything is overseen and managed here in the UK .
  • Despite offices being global, they all adopt areas of UK culture.

  • No, we can offer just 1 employee, part-time or full-time.
  • We also do not limit the number of employees you can have 
  • We cater for everyone from one-man bands to large enterprises

  • We offer talent for any role that can be done behind a desk 
  • Examples include, marketing, sales, admin, IT, and recruitment
  • All managed within our superhubs for complete accountability

  • No hidden costs, simply a start-up fee and your employees monthly wages 
  • We save you up to 60% of your UK pay bill 
  • We reduce your need for office space

  • We do any training around our culture and their work environment 
  • You train them on your companies processes and procedures 
  • Also, ensuring they’re connected with the rest of your team is important

  • We’re a people-led service with professional employed around the world 
  • Our experts are managed globally by UK and overseas account managers 
  • We act as the middle point between you and global talent, bridging borders to create success