Building a better world with a human-centric service

Empower, inspire, and change lives.


1. Mission

To improve your workforce and fuel your success by bringing the power of global Frnds to your doorstep.


2. Vision

Deliver a human service, improve culture, use business to reduce poverty and unnecessary harm globally.

Core Values

3. Core Values

Be Kind, Keep well, Be You, Excellence always, Think freely

Embrassing DeskFrnd's Impact

Discover the Positive Impact of DeskFrnd's Diverse Solutions Around the World.

Global Impact

Global Impact

We believe that when businesses tap into global talent, they contribute to the improvement of quality of life and overall wellbeing within local communities. By offering opportunities to talented professionals in different regions, we foster economic growth, stimulate innovation, and create pathways for career advancement.

Improving Businesses

Improving Businesses

Buisnesses across the globe face daily issues such as inflation, employee retention, skill deficiencies and much more. DeskFrnd help combat this in one comprehensive solution. Pairing you will global professionals, saving you time, costs and a whole host of headaches.

Professional Development

Professional Development

professional development is at the heart of our culture. Our teams continually better themselves through challenging projects, collaborative environments, and access to cutting-edge technologies, fostering growth and expertise that empowers them to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

How your custom benefits others

How your custom benefits others

Thanks to our partners and generous supporters, we can deliver impactful projects that produce long life benefits globally. We encourage employee engagement and volunteerism, empowering our staff to make a difference in the communities where we operate. Here are just a few ways we contribute to our less fortunate nations.

School meals

We support other nations by providing nutritious school meals, promoting better education and nourishing young minds.

Family food packs

Our assistance includes distributing family food packs, offering relief during crises and ensuring essential nutrition reaches households.

Emergency appeals

We actively contribute to emergency appeals, providing vital resources and support to affected communities in times of crisis.


Our dedication extends to supporting educational initiatives, empowering individuals with access to quality education, creating brighter futures worldwide.